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    Media keeps going offline & faster way to relink?




      2010 Quad Mac Pro (3.2 gHz).  Snow Leopard 10.6.6.  Premiere Pro CS5 (5.0.3)


      I haven't had any luck searching the forum for answers to the following problems I have:


      1)  I'm cutting a feature film shot on the Red One camera (R3D files mixed with some MXF and Mov b-roll files). The master timeline is now about 1 hour, 55 minutes.  For the last few days, every time I open up the project file, I keep getting clips that are offline.  I'd close the project and then reopen it; the same clip that was offline before is now ONLINE.  But!  Now, OTHER clips are OFFLINE!


      2)  When I try to relink by batch (ie, select all offline media that are in the same folder, then go to the folder of the original R3D file and click it to relink), the clips will relink to another file number altogether so that now everything is mixed up.  Is there a fast way to relink media that can guarantee the clips will relink properly?


      Has anyone else had these problems?  Can you please tell me what you did to solve them. I can't afford to spend the time to relink the media.  Please help!


      Thanks, in advance.

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          Question: are there any networked drives, or external HDD's involved in the I/O sub-system? Those can cause the Media Offline, depending on a few factors. If not, then something else is causing the loss of the links to the Assets.


          Good luck,



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            gandolf2000 Level 1

            Hi Bill.


            Thanks for the reply.


            Can you please explain to me what you mean by I/O sub system?


            Right now, all my media are being stored on an external hard drive in Raid 5 configuration via eSata connection.


            Sometimes,  I would back up my project file on another hard drive, just to be  safe.  Can this be causing the media to go offline?  The thing is, when I  close and re-open the project file, different clips will go offline, so  it's not consistent.  There doesn't seem to be any logical reason.


            Any thoughts?

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              the_wine_snob Level 9

              The I/O sub-system = all of your HDD's, internal and external.


              The eSATA externals should not have the same issue, that one usually gets with USB, where each time the system is booted, a different drive letter can be assigned by the OS, depending on the order that mass storage devices are turned on, plugged-in or recognized. Since the links to Assets are absolute Paths in the PRPROJ file, if they reside on an external, that was recognized as say J:\, when they were Imported, but later, the OS assigns that same external, say H:\, the links no longer work. I could well be wrong here, but I do not think that the drive letter assignment for eSATA is as random, as it is with USB.


              Also, at least on Windows, one can establish a permanent drive letter assignment for each external, so that it is always seen as the same drive letter. This is done at the OS level. I assume that the Mac OS has similar capabilities. I have every external set to a permanent drive letter, and in the OS of each of my computers, so that drive Z:\ is always seen as Z:\ and in each OS.


              Maybe others can comment on the drive letter assignments for eSATA and specifically on the Mac OS.


              Good luck,