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    First Mathematical Function

    ssailer Level 1
      I'm stumped. I am filtering a query and I need to be able to use a First function in ColdFusion, like in Access.

      This is what my query is in Access:
      SELECT First(query2.Latitude) AS Latitude, First(query2.Longitude) AS Longitude
      FROM query2

      This is what I need my query to be in ColdFusion:

      <cfquery name="getAVG" dbtype="query">
      SELECT min(passedzip.Latitude) AS latitude, MIN(passedzip.Longitude) AS longitude
      FROM passedzip

      Of course, ColdFusion doesn't support the First function and it's really screwing me up. Min doesn't work - I need First.

      Does anybody out there have a clue as to how to work around this? I am using a query of queries in my site to get the results I need.

      Thank you!