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    Switching Graphics Cards


      I rendered a project using an Nvidia gtx 560, replaced the 560 with an Nvidia gtx 470 and tried to play back the rendered project.  System nearly froze.  The playback stopped and stuttered, the screen turned white.  And, it initially took forever to load images after the project was selected at start-up.


      Any reason to suspect that the project being rendered with the gtx 560 made loading and playing the rendered project with the gtx 470 problematic?  Or is there something else, here, at play?


      Any insight would be helpful.  Thanks.

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          Colin Brougham Level 6

          Though these cards use the same driver package, it's probably not the best idea to swap cards without refreshing the drivers. Might be some GPU-specific things that are or are not installed when you install the drivers with one card in your system and then change it.


          If you haven't, remove the drivers, restart, and reinstall the drivers. If you did this, and it's not working, delete the preview files and re-render.

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            rphowell Level 1

            Yea, I deleted the drivers installed for the 560, pulled out the 560,  installed the 470, rebooted, installed the 470 drivers and updated  these with the latest drivers from Nvidia.


            So, I'll try deleting the preview files and re-rendering.


            I let you know what unfolds.


            Thank you.

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              rphowell Level 1

              Yes!  Deleting the render files and rerendering seems to have worked.  Thank you.