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    Flash Intro help

      I assume that my topic requires the use of ActionScript.

      I would like to create an introductory page for a couple of websites and I am unsure of what to do. I can create the actual Flash file, but how do I:

      1) Get the movie to play only once?
      2) Does it automatically load to another page that I choose?
      3) Do I have to make the Flash file my home (index.html) page?
      4) Do I have a button, or text, that allows people to skip the introduction and go to the home page?

      Thanks for any advice.

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          nITiNkIlLeRmEeRuT Level 1
          1. You can store the value in Shared Object or Javascript cookies and check every time if the intro has been displayed. Will not work if user changes the PC to view the website.
          2. yes
          3. No
          4. Yes

          The approach should be create the main (site) file and stop it on first frame.
          Load the intro file in a movieclip or on a level.
          At the end of intro or if user choose to click the skip intro button unload the intro movie and play level0.