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    Hide disclosure icon for some nodes in a tree?

      I tried to cusomize the tree component in Flash.

      The majoy task I have is to hide the disclosure icons for certain nodes and keep them for others.

      I have a custom class TreeRow:

      filter.TreeControl.CustomTreeRowRenderer extends mx.controls.treeclasses.TreeRow.

      In the function setValue(node, state), i check if the node is whose disclosure icon needs to be hidden. Then set the visibility of movieclip to false. It did not work.

      Actually the tree shows two disclosure icons for each node.

      I have my own customized disclosure icons:

      mTreeView.setStyle("disclosureClosedIcon", "minus");
      mTreeView.setStyle("disclosureOpenIcon", "plus");

      I changed the tree to have the default disclosure icons. It still shows two disclosure icons for each node.

      Basically, my question is:

      how can I control the disclosure icon for each node in the tree?

      This has been bugging me for long time.

      Hopefully some Flash guys can help me out.