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    Need immediate help: Stuck. Sound problem torpedoing my editing


      Okay, I tried to fix this myself, but I am so completely out of my mind after hours of trying that I have no choice but to ask for help.


      All of a sudden I cannot add in new sounds or move new sounds arround. I have a small project I am editing and recorded a narration. When I try and move a new sound into the timeline (I don't know proper terms yet. i mean the thing below that has all the video and audio tracks) it won't go. It just won't. Normally I drag and drop stuff no problem.


      Now I can't.


      After hours of trying I was able to get one sound down into a new audio track. but I am unable to move it into the other tracks. it will only stay in audio track 6 and can only be slid left or right in that track.


      Hoinestly, I am screaming at my monitor so hard I have lost my voice. I've watched tons of videos, read dozens of pages, but I cannot find out what the hell has heppened here.


      This projects needs to be finished tonight. It's already late. Everything was done. It was just fine. All I neded to do was add the pieces of narration and I was finished.


      Please smeone tell me what the heck is going on.