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    MAPI32.dll was not found


      After installing Adobe Reader X, I could not open it. I get error message "AcroRD32.exe - Unable to locate component. Application failed to start MAPI32.dll was not found. Re-installing application may fix this problem."

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          I just went through a couple of re-loads after getting this same error. I came across some

          thing that is tauntingly close to an answer... when I did a search of my C: drive for the MAPI32.dll file, I found a file called MSMAPI32.dll. Way back when I messed with this stuff, I seem to remember something about filenames and paths and such...  if my winXP is using a MSMAPI32.dll file and ADOBE is searching for MAPI32.dll...then "...Houston, we have a problem.."


          Problem is, I like WinXP, and I dont want to change.. so does anyone know how to get rid of MSMAPI32.dll and then load plain ole good ole regular ole MAPI32.dll?


          Or.. am I just barking up the wrong tree?


          Please take a minute to email me if you have the answer, because I probably wont remember where I found this thread to check back on it.



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            ghohoho Level 1

            We (my son and I) fixed the problem by locating a copy of MAPI32.dll on the Internet and "copied" it into my PC. Now, Adobe Reader seems happy and working fine. Note that my son was working so fast that I couldn't follow the exact process; so, I use the word "copied" loosely.... Apparently, in the process of uninstalling Adobe Reader 9 and downloading/installing Adobe Reader X, I had "lost" MAPI32.dll. Incidently, I was instructed to uninstall 9 and download/install X by HP because I had a problem reading a document scanned into my system.

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              Howard DeLaCruz-Bancroft said: If your using XP search for mapistub.dll it is in the windows\system32 folder. Copy & paste it to the same location, the name of the pasted file will now be "copy of mapistub.dll" rename it to mapi32.dll should work like a charm and easier to do than any other suggestion. Usually you receive this problem because of errors during the inital installation.