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    basis button question

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      I posted this yesterday in the regular Flash news group and got no reply
      then found this actionscript group and hope someone here can help with a
      real basic question.

      We have a movie (slide show) of a series of photos fading from one into
      the other that works well. But now we want to give the ability to pause
      and restart the movie.

      I used the following Action Script for a pause button:

      on (release) {

      //Stop video Behavior


      This works fine, but the problem is getting the show going again from
      the point where it stopped. I used the following behavior on a forward
      on (release) {

      //Movieclip GotoAndPlay Behavior
      //End Behavior


      This did not work

      Nor did this:

      I know I'm missing something real basic here but I can't find the answer
      on my own. Can anyone show me the error of my ways? We also want a Back
      button that I imagine would work in a similar way as the Forward
      button....only backwards :)

      I have the buttons in a layer named buttons.

      Thanks for any input.