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    Upon Launch After Effects Pro CS3 Crashes - Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit

    stevesmallwood@witty.com Level 1

      I recently installed the 32 bit version of Adobe After Effects Professional CS3 (and later applied the 8.02 Update) on my Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit computer (Service Pack 1 - 12 GB RAM). It's installed (along with all of my other applications) on a 256 GB solid state drive.


      Shortly after launching the application (as it begins to load), the following message appears:


      After Effects Error: sfntread library error  (83 :: 4)


      It continues to reappear several times after clicking 'OK'.

      Then a final error message appears just before the program aborts its loading process and crashes:

      After Effects warning: unknown BIB error, sfntread library error  CT, 0


      I currently have the complete version of Adobe Design Premium CS5 also installed on my Windows system. No problems occurred with its installation and all of the programs within the suite launch and load properly as expected. The only other Adobe CS3 application that I also installed before installing After Effects CS3 was Premeire Pro CS3 which also installed, launched and loaded properly with no error messages appearing during the entire process.


      I did an initial search here on the forum using the error messages but did not find a solution that is workable with my particular operating system (64 bit) and the 32 bit After Effects Professional CS3 application.


      Any assistance with this would be greatly appreciated.