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    What's wrong with reader?


      I have Reader 9.4.2 in the

      system, have been able to open, read, create, send and recieve PDF

      without issue until now, I tried to open a PDF and got a message

      saying I need version 8 or higher, why would this happen

      when I have 9.4.2, ?

      I tried to update/upgrade, clicked on the "Run" button

      and the page sat still, nothing eventuated,

      What's going wrong?



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          George_Johnson MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          It's hard to say without seeing the document. Sometimes JavaScript will be used to attempt a version check, but it's programmed poorly.


          Can you provide a link to the PDF?

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            Racked_off Level 1

            javascript, they are a

            joke, each time I get a promt for upgrade/update, it fails, saying it is missing part of the file, wonks!

            All was good in operation for PDF til Friday, then it just didn't want to open anything,

            now when I click on the PDF link I have to now save then go and open,

            to provide a link for you to see, depends on where you are, this in in a local paper job section with 180 jobs to scan through,

            but the one I want to look in just won't open, thier loss if they provided a poor link.

            But still, the save then open, never had to do that before, and also I am unable to dowload next version of 10.