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      I am unable to access and connect with my website when attempting to do so on my laptop. I am however, able to access, make changes, manipulate my website when using my home PC. I had a similar situation over a year ago however, a lengthy call to Adobe CS Suport helped fix the situaiton. Currently, when I double click on the Contribute icon from my laptop my website opens to the home page however, I get a message that states "an error has occurred, please contact your administrator" I am the administrator so now what?
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          lukaro Level 1
          This may be dependent upon how you are accessing the internet from the laptop (i.e. if you are using a different connection to that of your home PC). If it is a different connection, think in terms of the router firewall, or it could be a software firewall on your laptop.


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            having ENORMOUS issues...isn't this suppose to be easy.

            I either can't connect and get the error "Contribute could not connect because the server is down or not accepting connections. Contact your administrator" I am administering this site...ugh.

            Or I make changes, publish them and when I go to the site to look at it...its a blank page...no code.

            any suggestions?
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              lukaro Level 1
              Where you get the blank page, this is likely to be a firewall issue. Are you using your computer on a local network that has a main firewall for its connection to the internet?

              FTP protocol uses two connections in parallel — one for command and control, and a second channel for data transport.

              Whilst your command and control channel might get through, your data transport channel gets blocked, so the file can't get replaced and you get a blank page.

              Also consider the difference between passive and active FTP.

              It's the firewall and the FTP protocols it allows that are likely to be the problem.