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    user name password

      i have a flash website and need to include a user name - password field with a submit button so clients can log on to a client page, so my cleint can log on and i can get paid. I've never done this in flash before, have tinkered with real basic stuff in asp and such, i've heard the most sucure way is using php. What i need to learn is how to make a simple log on in flash that when the user inputs the right information it will send them to the next page. So whats the best way to do this? is there a tutorial a beginner can understand somewhere, need this so i can set up a page so my cleints can log on and go to a page containing paypal links and possiably to include intitial links to cleints sample work and such, any ideas, need something quick.

      Currently you can see my problem at: www.designbytreitner.com
      At the top right it says payment, you click on that it brings you to a page, very tacky, very basic, and very unproffessional looking, not to mention unsucure. So how can i clean this up, with a simple user name password to access the client payment page to keep unwanted users out?
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          PHP / ASP / Perl, etc. - they are just server-side scripting languages. None
          is more 'secure' than the other. I'm quite sure there are lots of tutorials
          for this - search "Flash login" on Google. The problem is there's a bunch of
          ways to do this... I would use a mySQL database, and put the usernames and
          passwords in it. But you could use an XML file, or a simple text file even -
          some people even put the data within Flash, but that is very unsecure. You
          could even lock the folder, on the server, using your hosts control panel
          software, and use a non-Flash based login like many sites do. Security is a
          big topic with much to know. So it's not easy to say - "here's what you do".

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            jak9942 Level 1
            I have used many flash logins in the past. Some of the following may be useful
            - http://tutorial148.easycfm.com/ - secure CFM login
            - http://www.flzone.com/showDetail.asp?TypeId=13&NewsId=3828&offset=5 - Insecure .txt login
            - http://www.kirupa.com/developer/actionscript/authentication.htm - Can be secure/insecure depending on http/https, PHP and mySQL.
            - http://www.5pieces.com/index.php/tutorials/comments/simple_login/ - Simple as2 login

            I like the .txt login because it easy to make new user logins - very quick and very very easy.

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              rtreitner Level 1
              Yes, i've heard there is a lot to know. I was leaning towards doing something with asp, php, text files or something simular because i have some knowledge of them. I have never done anything with mysql although my server does allow for it, and i beleive includes basic files, but i've never used or explored it. I won't be storing anything too sensative on the more secure log on section of my site . Just links to a paypal page were cleints can make payments to me, and some links to cliint work under development for them to reveiw. Although i'd like it as secure as possiable, my main purpose at this point is to keep out the average visitor, hackers can always find a way in, if they really want to. So my main goal at this point is to set up something that works, isn't to hard to do, and keeps the average visitor out unless they have the password. i'd like the basic stuff like buttons, text, and stuff in my flash movie, and the coding and password info and such in something like a text file, php, or something that can be put into a subfolder and used, so it's not out there with the main files and easily veiwable. so any ideas for a good tutorial, or method i could use, that isn't that hard to learn? I don't want to spend a month learning sql just to make a log buttons, i just want to use something i have a basic understanding of to make a clean usable set up in flash.
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                rtreitner Level 1
                Thanks Jak, just what i was looking for.