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    Converting PPT to an eModule

      I'm a new user and have worked through two Captivate books. My first project is converting PowerPoints to an eModule, and I have found the basic information covered in the books isn't specific enough to answer my eModule questions. Are there any tutorials that are recommended? Basic guidelines that I should follow? For example, what resolution should I use and what is the best way to record the PPT animations?

      Many thanks!
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          CatBandit Level 3
          I just noticed this post slipped through the cracks somehow. Sorry! Perhaps a part of the reason was that others didn't know how to answer because your questions are too subjective and/or general in nature. Let me ask a few questions to try to narrow your questions to something we can get a grip on, ok?

          What is an eModule? I haven't heard or seen that exact terminology so am wondering if it has to do with some specific 3rd party software, or is your own internal term for electronic-learning(?)

          You said you have " worked through two Captivate books". Which ones? There is no sense in me recommending what you have already completed, and frankly, I am only aware of one book that is currently used for training in Captivate (paper books, that is, as opposed to web-learning sites like "lynda.com"). The book I am familiar with is written by Kevin Siegel and is titled " Essentials of Adobe Captivate 2"

          Basic guidelines to follow(?) That's like asking someone to tell you how to walk. But have you viewed the nine (9) tutorial movies that are available from the main user interface (UI)? I would think those built-in tutorials would be helpful in getting started; though I admit I haven't watched them myself, I know the author and he is pretty good at explaining things.

          What resolution should (you) use(?). Again, that is a "How high is up?" question. The size of the project is dependent on the environment of the end-user and the goals of the developer and will change for every project. Try 800x600 recording size while you are learning, and be prepared to change that for specific needs.

          Finally, "What is the best way to record the PPT animations?". There is no way to "record the PPT animations". That is, if you are importing Power Point presentations, the "transitions" or "effects" on each PPT slide are lost during the import process. All that will be imported is the finished slide, with all objects and actions completed. This is a frustrating limitation of importing Power Point projects into Captivate. There are other applicaitons which can convert PPTs to SWF and so forth, but I can't tell you how (or how well) they work because I've never used them.

          I wish I were able to be of more actual help. Perhaps as you get deeper into the learning curve for Captivate we can offer more itemized help based on specific problems or questions ...