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    HELP missing  include lmc_tween.as

      I'm using an Apple computer, Flash 8. I'm working with a flash file someone else created to create a similar module. The animation is done mostly with Actionscript. The old versions work just great. HTML calls the files and the animation runs.

      I tried publishing my file (and I re-published one of the old ones). I get an error for both:
      "**Error** Scene=Scene 1, layer=actions, frame=1:Line 9: Error opening include file lmc_tween.as: File not found.
      #include "lmc_tween.as"

      Total ActionScript Errors: 1 Reported Errors: 1"

      I checked line 9 of the Actionscript (see lines 8,9,10 below)

      //======================== include laco tween "engine"
      #include "lmc_tween.as"
      $tweenManager.broadcastEvents = true;

      So am I reading this correctly? I'm missing an external file called lmc_tween.as.
      Where do I find this file? Is it now part of Fuse Kit? http://laco.wz.cz/tween/?page=download
      How do I use it? Does it live on my computer somewhere?
      What do I need to do?

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          Greg Dove Level 4
          Its an older version of that tween engine - the original one if memory serves me correctly. I think it was as1 style code. Fuse kit includes updated versions of that original tweening engine... and you may be able to substitute FuseKit with its SimpleSetup options - which I think *should* work.

          If you want to use the original version (which is probably the safest thing to do) then yes you will need that file in the same directory as your fla.

          You should be able to find it still for download - if not I'm sure I've got a copy somewhere.
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            Damon Edwards Level 3
            yes, you need that file to be in the same directory as your SWF file, as it is referencing that file for instructions. it must be in the same directory/folder as your SWF file.
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              You are correct it is an external .as file. Sorry to say you do need to find the .as file called "lmc_tween.as" so that you can export your Flash file without errors. If you do find the .as file all you need to do is pop it in the same directory as your .fla file since #include "lmc_tween.as" doesn't reference a path. Flash would then use that .as code as if it were included in your .fla file.

              Good luck!
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                FuzzyZebra Level 1
                Thanks everybody! I'll let you know what happens. Now, unfortunately, I need to switch to a REALLY HOT project. Drat.