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    mouse rollover and sound problem

      I NEED HELP!!
      I developed a website (www.rivertowngym.com) and on the website the buttons I created, some work some do not. I built them all the same. Please go to the above site and scroll over HOME and RATES page. See how these do not change color, and the other do. I think i must be overlooking something easy, but I cannot find it. I need more eyes looking at the code to see if I am overlooking something. Please help. The flash file can be sent to anyone interested in helping; please let me know your email address. (It will not work as an attachment here.) All help is appreciated.

      Also, the sound shuts off ALL sounds (mouse clicks and background music). During the development in Flash 8, the mouse clicks stayed on when I turned off the background music. Once the file is published and loaded on the host server, ALL sounds are shut off when I click the sound off button. Any way to change this? djm null Rivertown Gym
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          crazyjoemilan Level 2
          You probably have the mc instance name slightly different from what the button action defines it as on those two.

          use Sound.stop() with the correct sound instance:
          ---copied from the AS dictionary---
          stop_btn.onRelease = function() {
          trace("sound stopped");
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            dj.michaud Level 1
            unable to try your suggestion. Can I send you the FLA file and have you take a few minutes to review it. That may be easier. I would be extremely grateful. Where can I send the file? djm
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              crazyjoemilan Level 2
              sure, you can either link it somewhere so I can download it here, or email it to
              joe at hoodgraphics dot com
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                crazyjoemilan Level 2
                when using instances of Movieclips, each keyframe needs to be instanced properly. Your 2 buttons not playing right was because the front keyframe wasn't properly instance named "home" and "rates" respectively. Go to the part in the movie where those come in from the side, and give each the proper name.

                The sound button is built to turn off all sound gradually. What it does is reset the entire movieclip's volume by 20% or so every 5-8 frames until its at 0%, then turns it off. Lock all layers, and make them invisible. turn on (and unlock) sound. There are 3 movieclips associated with the sound control.

                soundOff and soundOn do the same things kinda: they control the volume, then reset themselves. You can make this specific to the sound (and I believe you treat it just like a movieclip) The third piece is just a tiny button to allow turning on and off of music, while giving a little animation for each state.