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    Question about loading text

    fermp Level 1
      Hi all. I am picking up a project from a guy who wrote a PHP script that writes individual .txt files to the server. The flash app then basically reads the text files into arrays and uses the data for content on the page. The problem is that when you use the admin page to update the text file Flash does not read the updated text file. You have to clear your cache to force the Flash file to reload completely for it to realize the text has changed. This doesn't make sense to me since you would think that every time the Flash loads it would read the text file again and have the correct data. Does anybody know why Flash would not read the text file? Or how to make Flash read the text file every time? Or if there is just a better way?
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          MaxManNH Level 2
          Are you saying that if you visit the site once, then leave, then return the next day after the text has been changed that it does not load the new text?
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            SymTsb Level 2
            Flash will always load it's content from cache first to eliminate download times. This goes for text, jpgs, swfs. Add a no-cache call to the LoadVars inside the flash to prevent it from loading things from cache.
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              fermp Level 1
              Ok. I found that the problem was with IE 7 only. If I went to the admin page and updated the text files then came back to the Flash page without closing the browser then Flash would still load the text from cache. But if I close the web browser after I do the admin then come back to the Flash page the content changes. Not exactly a great thing but I can live with it.

              Thanks for the help guys.