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    CSS and BR?

      I'm getting an extra line break after any line that is using the stylesheet? The BR tag works fine if that line isn't using a tag from the stylesheet, but when it does, it produces an extra line. To see what I mean, open a blank flash movie and paste this actionscript into the frame and preview it.

      this.createTextField("bodytxt", 0, 50, 30, 430, 200);
      bodytxt.html = true;
      bodytxt.border = true;
      bodytxt.wordWrap = true;
      bodytxt.multiline = true;

      var css:TextField.StyleSheet = new TextField.StyleSheet();
      css.setStyle("strong", {fontWeight:"bold"});
      css.setStyle("em", {fontStyle:"italic"});
      bodytxt.styleSheet = css;

      bodytxt.htmlText = "<p align='center'>TESTING CENTER<br /><strong>TESTING BOLD</strong><br /><u><font color='#ff0000'>TESTING RED UNDERLINE</font></u><br /><em>TESTING ITALIC</em></p>";