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    Bug: Flash CS5+CS4 Professional crashes when compiling AS2 classes.


      My name is Mario Gomes Cavalcanti, I'm the CEO of Mersica Inc. and the developer of the free, online graphic design software, image and photo editor Fatpaint.com.


      Fatpaint is a Flash application, made using the Actionscript 2 programming language. This week we added some new functionality to the source code and after that, Flash CS5 professional IDE can no longer compile the project, it crashes on every attempt without any error messages.


      We are talking here about a huge project with around 360 Actionscript 2 classes. The size if the our last successful compiled SWF file was around 800 kilobytes. This compilation wa done last week, prior to the latest addition/modification of source files. The project is mostly made of Actionscript 2 source code, it do not have much other stuff in it.


      I would like assistence is resolving this issue... Why does Flash CS5 crash when compiling my Actionscript 2 classes?

      I would like to send the project and source files to the developers of the Flash actionscript 2 compiler, so they can see why it cannot compile my files.


      Fatpaint.com is probably the Flash application with the most sourcecode (classes) so I think it has something to do with that.


      My system:


      Windows 7 64bit

      Adobe Flash CS5 professional version


      Thank you.