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    geturl failing to send _root vars

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      hey everyone! :)

      lets see, goes like this ( deep breath...)

      a pop up with an iframe with another iframe with an instance of geoff stearns swfobject embed that embeds a preloader that loads in a bigger swf which does a bunch of stuff before putting a bunch of vars on the _root (plus backup duplicates on the mc in the preloader that the main bigger swf loaded into) and then FINALLY runs this not especially complicated line:

      getURL( destination, "_self", "POST" );

      destination in this case being a relative url with a few GET params on the end. for example:

      /bagpussy/web/publish_test/lmf/new/section0?media=43&mfopath=adaptamation/web/Browsable%20 Gallery/Test/CrocSnot/menuPRE_CrocSnot.swf&mode=writeback&verb=edit&z=f.swf

      when we get to this url... there are no POST params. all we get are the few GET params in the URL shown in the above url.

      any ideas why people? :)
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          having done some stripped back tests with this where i've put all the source files in a plain old static html file and everythign else in the same folder on the same website - the preloader, the main swf, the confix.xml and the destination webpage - it POSTS variable just fine IN THE CONDITION THAT you put the vars NOT on the _root but on the mc in the preloader that the main swf loads into.

          so i assume this is an xdomain security issue and i just need to find out now quite where the blockage is happening and if you are having similar problems a good source for understanding that would seem to be this:


          i'll report back if i get any further. :)

          incidentally, you might benefit from knowing that if you ARE having xdomain security issues when using a seperated preloader and main swf set up, you can solve some of the problems with the following code, which should go on frame 1 of your main swf: