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    Preloading multiple JPEGs

      Hi all,

      This forum has always been exceptionally helpful in the past when I've had trouble; hopefully someone can assist me again with this problem.

      I have a movie that acts as a slideshow; displaying about three images per page with the pictures fading on and off in different positions. It sounds rubbish but actually looks fairly good! Anyway, to keep the size of the movie down I've used external images but really they need to be preloaded to make everything more fluid.

      Ideally the movie would start after loading the first three pictures with the others being loaded in the background. They're not particularly big (about 10k each) but the spilt second they do take to appear isn't ideal.

      My question, therefore, is how to preload these images and then display them in each movie clip frame when required.

      As with a lot of things in Flash (and purely though my lack of technical knowledge) it seems to be an extremely difficult process and I've found a few tutorials on the Internet that offer similar systems but none that fit the bill exactly.

      Any help, as always, much appreciated.