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    Missing Baggage Files

    LindaTechWriter Level 1
      Hi all,

      We are running RH HTML 5.0.2 for WinHelp.

      I have added a baggage file to a RH project. I've published the project and all is right with the world. A few days later (without even touching the project) I access the published version (or worse yet, one of my customers), and poof - the link is dead. When I open the project, the baggage file is not where I put it - its gone completely. However, when I look at the contents of the project in Windows Explorer, the file is there. I can't add it again to the project because the project "thinks" its already there; however, I can't overwrite it. Even if I delete the file from the project in Windows Explorer, I still can't add it again.

      This has been happening for a while, but lately its been much more frequent, and with more than one project.

      The only work-around I've discovered is that I need to rename the file and re-establish the link. This is a real pain when the file is linked to more than one place in the project..

      Does anyone have any idea why my baggage files are mysteriously dissapearing, but not really going away??

      Please help,
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          Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional
          WinHelp is one output you cannot get from RH HTML but your other comments suggest you mean WebHelp.

          Two things here. There is a bug in RH X5 that can prevent you adding files to baggage when done the intended way. See my site for the workaround. It is not difficult.

          You could try ticking the Republish All option in the generate and publish dialog or you could simply use an FTP program to upload the file. Your developers will know what to do on that if you are not familiar with FTP.

          Once you have uploaded it, I am struggling to understand how it can then get deleted. Are you 100% sure it is getting to the server?

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            HKabaker Level 2
            I haven't worked in WinHelp, but have seen this phenomenon in WebHelp projects.

            Once WebHelp is published, the link is good. I have no idea why compiled WinHelp would drop it.

            But in the RH WebHelp project explorer, baggage files sometimes get lost as you describe it.

            Reasons are many, but the common element is that the CPD file gets confused about which baggage files are in the project and where they may be found.

            Tip: Don't try to import baggage files within subfolders. While subfolders for topics and images, for example, represent real directories in the Windows file structure, baggage subdirectories are "virtual folders" -- that is, the RH explorer shows a tree structure but in fact all the baggage files are at the root level of the project directory in Windows. This confuses RH users at first, and occasionally the RH housekeeping system as well.

            In WebHelp, RH's master database is the CDP file, an MS Access database. With the project not open in RH, you can (back it up and) open the CPD file in MS Access to examine various tables that list
            -- baggage files,
            -- topic files, and
            -- links to baggage files from topics and from the TOC.

            When these references get out of synch, one part of RH may think a baggage file is gone, but when you try ti import it again, another part of RH knows it's still there.

            One solution in WebHelp is to delete references to the "missing" baggage files in the CPD file, move them out of the project directory (if they are still there), launch the project in RH, and import them again.

            Maybe something similar is happening in WinHelp.


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              HKabaker Level 2
              Oops, sorry, Peter, l didn't hear you talking.

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                Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional

                Not all the baggage files are in the root of the project, only those that show in the Project Manager folder called Baggage Files. If that has a sub-folder called MyFolder with a baggage file, then the project will have a folder called MyFolder and that is where that file will be.

                You can store baggage files anywhere in the project structure that suits your requirements and that does not affect the bug or uploading.