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    Continuosly switching/mixing of frames




      I would like to mix the frames of 2 video sequences very fast, i.e. 4 frames of video A, then 4 frames of video B, again 4 frames of video A and so on. The final lenght of the output would be approx. 4-5 seconds.


      Is there a way to speed up this? If I would have to do this manually, it takes quite a lot of time...


      Thank you very much for your help which is very appreciated!


      Regards, René

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          Colin Brougham Level 6

          Here's a way you might be able to achieve this, though you'll have to decide if it makes the process faster or not:


          1. Add your two clips to a sequence, one on Video 1 and the other on Video 2.
          2. Create two color matte clips--the color really doesn't matter, but name them differently for your own sanity. For sake of this exercise, let's name them "1" and "2".
          3. Select color matte "2" in the Project Panel and go to Edit > Label > Orange; you should see the label in the Project Panel become orange.
          4. Edit 4 frames (or whatever you want your edit duration to be) of color matte "1" into the sequence on Video 3; follow it with 4 frames of color matte "2".
          5. Select the two color matte clips in the sequence and copy them, and then paste them repeatedly onto Video 3 so you can an alternating pattern of the two color mattes.
          6. Select one of the color matte "2" (the orange clip) instances in the sequence, and go to Edit > Label > Select Label Group; all the Orange clips will be selected. Hit Delete.
          7. Press A to select the Track Select Tool; click at the beginning of Video 3 to select all the color matte "1" instance. You could also lasso them, but the Track Select tool makes this easy.
          8. Drag the selected clips down to Video 2; this will overlay the color matte "1" instances over ever other group of four frames of the clip on Video 2. Hit Delete to remove the color matte instances.


          When you play the sequence back, the edit will alternate back and forth between the two clips. You could go a step further and move the 4-frame clips on Video 2 down to Video 1, if you wanted; just follow steps 7 and 8 above, but obviously don't delete the clips.

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            swissfotopia Level 1

            a bit late, but thanks!

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              joe bloe premiere Level 5

              Please tell me it didn't take you 2 1/2 years to do it manually,

              and you have just now had the time to check back!



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                swissfotopia Level 1

                not really ;-)  ... was just looking for a LR 5.2 installation problem and checked my older entries and saw that I didn't say Thank you...