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    Error message - Can not render the database

    whatalotofrubbish Level 1

      Fireworks CS4 on Win XP

      I have been creating and saving .png files files all day with no problems. Then an internal error ocurred as I tried to save the files into other formats, such as .ai, .psd,.tif,.jpg , using the saveas menu item in the files menu.

      Any file that I now load will not render, and an internal error ocurs.

      The files show with bits missing - lines with gaps in the middle, bitmaps with half missing.

      I have gone out of Fireworks a number of times, and switched off my machine and restarted from scratch. No change. The machines memory is fine and the hard drive shows no read or write errors.


      Is this some sort of Fireworks 4 bug? I can find no reference to it on line.

      All help appreciated.


      Howard Walker