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    Which Camera Raw functions are in Photoshop Elements?

    Robert Shomler Level 4

      At times I'll suggest something to do in ACR in conversations with other photographers.  Sometimes I get a response that they can't find what I referred to in ACR.  Usually turns out they are using Elements (PSE), which has a subset of ACR function.  I've been looking for a list of ACR functions in PSE -- searching Adobe forums and products so far without success.  I have tried to assemble such a list from what I have in ACR 6.3 and by reading the Adobe PSE9 help files (I don't have PSE).  Here's what I've assembled.  Anyone have any corrections or additions?  Thanks.




      Adjustment tabs that are not in PSE: Tone curves, HSL Grayscale, Split toning, Lens corrections,  Effects (Grain, Post-crop vignetting), Presets, Snapshots
      Detail Adjustment Tab - Noise Reduction: PSE has Luminance and Color;  PS adds Luminance detail and contrast, Color detail


      Tools that are not in PSE:  Color sampler tool, Targeted adjustment tool, Spot removal, Local adjustments (Adjustment Brush and Graduated Filter)


      Workflow options: PSE - depth only (8/16);  in PS: Color space (target color profile), Size, Resolution, Sharpen for...


      Save Image button: PSE saves only as DNG file type; in PS: Save as jpeg, tiff, psd file types



      Question on PSE White Balance Pull-down list: Does PSE offer only As Shot or Custom? (No auto, daylight, ... flash?)