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    Why does Flash do this?

    Angyl Level 1
      I've noticed this in many movies I've made in the past and it really gets on my nerves.

      I'll have a simple mc with maybe 10 frames in it and a stop action on the first frame and in the 10th frame.

      in the main timeline on a frame I tell this mc to


      This code works...perfectly...for about 7 other MCs I have on the stage that do the exact same thing...

      But for this one movie...

      and EVERY movie I make after it.

      The mc only plays to frame 2 and stops. You can see it....it's in motion, but refuses to play past the frame.

      If I adjust it to gotoAndPlay(3) or (4) or (5) or whatever other frame it goes to that frame...

      AND STOPS!


      It's like a BUG in Flash and I know that no other MC I make after this starts will function correctly.
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          It's hard to say without being able to look at your project. But if it's a bug, or even if something is going on you haven't realized, try and break it. Like copy the content from your mc that isn't working into a fresh one, use that and see if it still does it.