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    /crossdomain.xml in WebSphere


      My Flex application sends requests to a Web Service running on WebSphere App Server (no HTTP Server is installed there). Flex documentation says that /crossdomain.xml should be placed in the web root of the server. Indeed I see that Flash Player sandbox sends HTTP GET request to /crossdomain.xml. But if I don't have HTTP server there (no web root, no support for serving URLs which are not a part of some application), what should I do?

      I found that Security.loadPolicyFile(customPolicyUrl) can be used to explicitely tell the app to load policy from non-default location. I tried to invoke this before sending request to Web Service. I deployed my custom policy file as a part of the ear containing Web Service, so policies file URL is smth like " http://my.domain:9080/MyAppContextRoot/mypolicy.xml". Using TCP/IP monitor I see that my custom policy file is indeed requested and even received, but then /crossdomain.xml is requested anyway (and of course not found). How I should deal with this?