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    export error message and render error message


      Hi all,


      I just finished a16 min. movie, lots of hours containing two slides shows and a bunch of short video clips, lots of effects, transitions with jpgs, pip's, animated gifs and you name it.  It came out great!  ON THE COMPUTER THAT IS!... I am running pe7 on a brand new hp elite 410y desktop - AMD Phenom II x6 six-core processor 1045T, 8 GB PC3-10600 DDR3 SDRAM, 3MB L2 cache + 6MB shared L3 cache memory, 1TB seriel ATA hard drive and ATI Radeon HD 5570 graphics with 1GB DDR3 dedicated memory. My operating system is windows 7 home premium edition 64 bit.  I used jpg's from three different camera's, downloaded google images, as well as the animated gifs.  I took some video from my Nikon coolpix L110 and converted all mov files to avi using the free Prism converter...I didn't think to just use premiere to export to DV AVI.  I also took youtube video and converted them to avi.  I kept getting adobe system memory low, proceed with caution, did a bunch of saves and got throught it.  I tried to render and the error unknown compiling movie message kept coming up.  Well, at that point I just broke down, so many hours and then having to show the actual finished product to my friends, the stars of this movie on my little 20" computer monitor and not my big screen tv sucked...so dissapointing but moving on.


      I started to search the forums and read another thread that Steve Grisetti answered about changing all photos to no more than 1000x750 and then try to split up the movie and export in premiere to DV AVI.  I only had a few photos like that, changed them and I still keep getting the same error message.  I tried just taking the first minute, did a save as, named it test and tried to export, no luck.  There seems to be something in the first part that premiere does not like and I did notice on playback that some of my effects were not working i.e. video pip sliding in from the left of the screen over a jpg.  I am so frustrated.


      I finally chopped it up to three parts and tried exporting the 2nd part of just the video clips to DV AVI, no problem but changed my look.  When I hit export movie and look at the settings summary Filetype is CompilerMPEGproxy, the Video settings are Compressor: I-Frame only MPEG Frame size 1440h 1080v (1.333) Frame Rate: 29.97 frames/second Pixel Aspect Ration: HD Anamorphic 1080 (1.333) Fields: Upper field first, Audio Settings are Compressor: uncompressed Sample rates: 48000 sample/second Channels: Stereo and Sample Rates: 16 bit.  If I change to DV AVI, then the whole look changes, probably because the frame size is only 720h 480v.  Is there a way to export to DV AVI and keep the larger frame size?


      I wanted to keep the original size, so I just tried to render part 2 and part 3 as is and had no problem, but now the audio skips. I have a wav file on part 3 and part 2 has the converted avi audio that came with the clips.  Please help, any suggestions will be most appreciated.  I can't start all over...I'm burnt.



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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          I can't promise you won't need to start over. You're mixing a lot of media here, and at this point you may even have corrupted your project files.


          But first work through the troubleshooting steps in the FAQs listed to the right of thif forum.If you'll post the results you get for each step in as much detail as possible, we'll get a better idea what's going on.



          An, before you do, go to Edit/Preferences/Media Cache and clear the media cache. Then go to the Timeline menu and select Delete Render files. This is just about as close as you can get to start over without actually starting over.

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            debbyd1958 Level 1

            Hi Steve,


            Thank you for your promptness...I am still a little confused though, I made a copy of my final movie and was working off the copy to try all these different scenerios to get it to render and now have alot of different projects, same movie, different project names.  Should I delete all the copies and take my original and go to Edit/Preferences/Media Cache and clear the media cache.  Then the timeline menu and delete render files and then go to the FAQ's to troubleshoot.


            A quick second question:  I did get to render two parts of the whole movie, but the audio is skipping.  Can that be fixed and can I use it?


            Thank you,