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    Problems with Postgre Connection (Data Wizards)

    Quimera Systems
      Firstly forgive my bad english.
      I'm developping a flex builder 3 application, and i need connect into my database (Postgre).
      I'm already connecting in other plataforms, like MySQL using AMF-PHP 1.9.
      I'm also using the "Data Wizards" of Flex builder 3 to create a connection with Postgre.
      but i would like a "direct connection" within' flex, without use the XML files.

      i'm connecting normally, but i can't finish the "Data Wizards", cause he said that i need a table.
      but in my Postgree database have many tables...

      please i need some help.

      My Postgre connection using:
      patch: jdbc:postgresql:// (testing is my DB)
      driver: postgresql-8.3dev-600.jdbc3.zip