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    ColdFusion Portlet Toolkit

    proximo Level 1
      Hi all, we are about to be switching to websphere portal and I have been messing around with the coldfusion portlet toolkit. Anyhow I had a question that I hope I can get an answer to how can I link from one page to the next, while staying in the portlet?

      So for example say I have page one and page one has a link to page 2 how could I goto page 2 from one? I have tried many of the examples they have in the docs but it does not seem to work and there is no clear cut example of what im trying to do in the docs so I have hoping someone might have an answer for me .

      Thanks for any help you can give.
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          to create a link in a portlet it would be

          <a href="#portletResponse.encodeURL(foldr/mypage.cfm)#>link</a>

          make sure to include
          <cfargument name='portletResponse'>
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            proximo Level 1
            Thanks for the reply! That does not seem to work correctly, keeps saying cant find the file even though its point right at it, but would this return the results in the portlet it self?

            Im still trying to get my head around it all and by looking at the samples that come with the portlet toolkit they seem to have everything in one file? like all the functions etc all reside in one file? How could I call other page and things like that?

            I have read people saying they can convert apps in a week or two etc but I must be missing something because I don't get how you call other page and pass the variables?
            Any Help would be awesome, there is just not very much information about the toolkit online.

            Thanks again.
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              CPT Level 1
              I take it you have the WS Portal/CF ToolKit installed installed and you can create a portlet. I take it you want to load a website into a portlet and browse through the site. We did this using AJAX - CFAJAX to be exact. If you have contact info, I can get you some code to help you out.
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                proximo Level 1
                That would be awesome if you could hit me up at mike@yourinbox.net