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    Licence costs

      Hello there,

      We are evaluating a new helpsoftware at the moment. I must know how much adobe robohelp 6 will cost for 5 authors? Can you give me this information?

      Perhaps also some information about the maintanance plans.

      Thanks a lot.


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          RoboColum(n) Level 5
          Hi Patrick and welcome to the RH community. You can get this information from the Adobe website. Click here for details. to my knowledge there isn't a discount for multiple licences but you could try it with your reseller. BTW you don't say which country you are in but the resellers can by found from the link provided. Note the prices outside of the US may differ from the ones stated.
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            pro86 Level 1
            Hi Colum,

            Thanks for the link & answer - I've it already seen. OK - that is to say I need only one licence to use robohelp with 5 users?! The country would be switzerland ;-).


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              RoboColum(n) Level 5
              Typically each RH licences allow you to have the application installed on two machines (one being a laptop) provided that both machines are not being used at the same time. In other words it allows for a single person to work at two locations (e.g. office and home). If you have five users I would have thought that you would need five licences. In any case, you would have to speak to the Adobe reseller in Switzerland to confirm the licence price and terms and conditions.
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                pro86 Level 1
                OK - Thanks.
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                  CraigCC Level 2
                  Hi Patrick,

                  Sorry, hope I'm not to late. If you need to get some information nearer to home you could try this link for support/information on this page (it allows you to pick a number based on language):


                  You could also try this swiss reseller
                  ARP DATACON AG
                  Birkenstr. 43b
                  Rotkreuz, 6343
                  Phone: 0041-41-79909-09
                  Fax: 0041-41-79909-99

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                    Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
                    Hi all

                    Hopefully Colum won't mind my offering up a bit of clarification advice here. I encountered this just this week, so I know the issue is still "out there" and will probably remain that way as long as software like RoboHelp exists.

                    Often, a general misconception occurs with RoboHelp and this type of software. The general misconception is that you have perhaps 200 users in a call center. All of them are using RoboHelp output to assist in doing their jobs. But you only have one or maybe two actual "RoboHelp users". And here's where folks get confused. Often, folks (typically management that doesn't really have a clue about how RoboHelp is used) begin to think that if I add more users (perhaps increasing my call center head count from 200 to perhaps 225) I need to factor in a purchase for 25 more RoboHelp licenses.

                    This is dead wrong. As long as you aren't increasing the number of people using RoboHelp to create content, you may have as many people as you need viewing the RoboHelp output files. This bit isn't limited. These folks aren't "RoboHelp users" as they have no need to open RoboHelp and make changes to the content. Their only concern is using the output.

                    Hopefully this isn't the case here, but it happens often enough to warrant an explanation. This past week I conducted a class on RoboHelp. Before arriving, the classroom did not have RoboHelp installed on any of the classroom PCs. The company misunderstood and thought that as long as the classroom PCs could view the output RoboHelp creates, RoboHelp was installed.

                    Cheers and happy Friday all... Rick