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    Table of Contents for JavaHelp

      I am trying to change the image used for my table of contents for JavaHelp 2.0. I found the section in the help that explains how to do this for Web Help but can't find anything for the JavaHelp version. I found the TOC tab when you go to JavaHelp-Advanced, and put the image I want in there but it is still not working. Any ideas? I am using RoboHelp 5.0.1
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          RoboColum(n) Level 5
          Hi Wendavi and welcome to the RH community. Although I don't recall this being one of the many limitations of JavaHelp this output type is notoriously buggy and difficult to get working correctly. Have you checked the Sun website and ensured you have all the various patches loaded? Have you tried displaying the help on more than one PC? Other than that I don't know what to suggest.