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    Photo Blur

    antonioconte Level 1
      I've just been tryingout this script from flunder.com:


      I just can't work out though how to make it, so that it automatically goes into focus automatically?

      rather than on roll over? any ideas?
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          MaxManNH Level 2
          I am not sure I understand your question. In the example online the overlay picture that is the blur has it's alpha set to 0. When a user rolls over the picture the alpha'ed picture slowly comes into view and then on roll out goes out of view again. Are you asking how to,

          1. Have the picture start blurry?
          2 Focus the picture based on a time interval or a mouse click, any event other that the rollOver?
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            Or, do you want the image go from blurry to in-focus as an animation? Then, you'd just do a tween with the alpha of the overlay, and that can be done on the timeline or with AS.

            Actually, if you want this to happen automatically, without any user interaction, you don't have to use ANY actionscript at all. Just put the blurry image on a layer above the focused image, and make a tween to fade out the blurry image as you desire.

            Hope this helps.