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    how add emoticons?

    cerdas Level 1
      how can i add emoticons on a director chat?
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          James Newton, ACP Level 3
          How are you developing your Director chat?

          Try breaking your question down into its component parts. These might be:
          * How do I attach an image to scrolling text?
          * How do I send a code for an image via the Multiuser Server?
          * How do I determine where the current insertion point is?
          * ...

          The more precise your question, the easier it will be to get an answer for it.
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            cerdas Level 1
            ty James.
            Im development a bingo game (multiuser), it have a chat but is a nice feauture add emoticons but i dont have idea how do that...
            I supppose i can remove the char for example :) and put the image but then i need calclulate the position, the chat box haves autoscroll then is not easy....

            Your 3 questions is all that i need :)