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    Remote Object source

      Hi All,

      Can we use an URL path as source of a Remote Object? Let me explain the requirement: in a remote object I'm using a coldfusion component. There I would like to specify a full URL path as it's source. But it does not work, where as specifying the physical path is working fine. See the code below:
      source=" http://localhost/TestProject/CFC/fundList"
      <mx:method name="fnFundList" result="handleFundQueryResult(event)" fault="Alert.show(event.fault.message)">

      In the above code I'm facing problem during executing the mxml page. Can anybody put some light on this issue? Thanks in advance.
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          ppk_frnz Level 1
          Hi All,

          Further digging on the issue I have been able to find a solution of the above problem but using the webservice. Using webservice we can easily solve the problem though my requirement is to get it solved using the RemoteObject. Please see the code block below:
          <mx:WebService id="myWService"
          wsdl=" http://localhost/RemoteCFC/fundList_New.cfc?wsdl"
          <mx:operation name="fnFundList"/>

          Next: I need to call the service, as I have call it on the creation complete like below) & then I need to bind the datagrid with result
          In datagrid I have written:

          But still I'm facing problem with RemoteObject: It will be great help to me if anybody could help me to sort this problem out. Thanks.