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    strange behavior with loadVars

    David Mok Level 1
      I actually adapted this code from Flash help.
      It basically loads an external page with
      loadVars, and works fine when tested within
      Flash 8.

      But when I run it as a published movie (the
      publishing setting is set to "access network
      only"), the load fails.

      Isn't it strange? (I tried to set the security
      too, and it didn't work.)



      var my_lv:LoadVars = new LoadVars();
      my_lv.onData = function(src:String) {
      if (src != undefined) {
      TextBoard.text = src;
      } else {
      TextBoard.text = "Error loading HTML document.";

      my_lv.load(" http://www.dict.cn/search/?q=test");