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    Launch help with toc and search buttons but not showing nav pane

      I am using RoboHelp 6.0 to generate context sensitive help for a web application. Currently each of the help topics can only be launched from its respective web page in the web application. What I would like to do is continue to launch the help topic but include a toc button and a search button in the main header of the topic. That way, if a user launches the help from a specific page but wants to learn more, or it didn't answer their question entirely, they can navigate the whole help. I know that I can just turn on search and TOC when generating the project, but that makes the nav pane on the left show up be default. An example of how I want the default layout to be can be seen at:


      I am new to RoboHelp so I may be missing something obvious. Can anyone help?

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          If your application calls the specific help topic, and not the WebHelp start page, you'll get the layout on the left (albeit without the buttons). The topic will have a "Show" link which, when clicked, reveals the Nav pane as in the layout on the right. (See the "Show Navigation Pane Link in Topics" option in the second page of the Generate wizard.)

          You can configure that "Show" link to read "Show Navigation Pane," if you prefer, and you can place it in a different location than the default top right.

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