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    Can't define CF server in Builder

      • On 64-bit Windows Vista machine
      • CF 9 wouldn't install 64-bit version - threw Windows 216 error
      • Installed CF 9 32-bit over typical IIS 7 server
      • and localhost both serve  from c:\inetpub\wwwroot
      • CF templates in iis web sites execute normally
      • Installed Coldfusion Builder as stand alone
      • Going through Builder's Server Wizard, I can't find documentation to help me complete the process. Most help will provide specific examples for each field or check box, but they don't explain the why. So, when a problem arises, there is no explanatory information for troubleshooting.
      • Server settings under Server Setup:
        Server Name: localhost
        Application Server: Jrun
        Host Name: localhost
        "Is Local
        WebServer Port: 8500
        RDS User Name: admin
        RDS PW: as entered during CF9 install
        Server Home: C:\Coldfusion9
        Document Root: C:\Coldfusion9\wwwroot
        Version: 9.0.x



      In the Servers tab within Builder, my localhost server appears with status of "Stopped"

      When I right-click and select "Start Server" I get an error - "'Starting localhost' has encountered a problem.  Ensure that the server is not already running, or another application is not using the WebServer port."

      This same problem occurs, no matter what I name the server, e.g., "myserver" instead of "localhost".

      When I view http://localhost/, the files under c:\inetpub\wwwroot are displayed.


      Any direction would be greatly appreciated. Adobe's web server wizard assumes knowledge I don't have about the contents of the various fields and their interactions.



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          Sagar H Ganatra Level 1

          Can you please let me know the location of the CFIDE/Administrator?


          If the same is under \inetpub\webroot\ then please specify the webserver port as 80.


          Also, make sure that you have stopped the service 'ColdFusion 9 Application server' from services.msc. Alternatively select, 'Use Windows service to start\stop the server' while defining the server.




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            Jack_Allred2 Level 1



            Thanks for your response. The path is c:\inetpub\wwwroot\CFIDE/Administrator


            Following  your instruction: "If the same is under \inetpub\webroot\ then please  specify the webserver port as 80."  I got a server running under  c:\ColdFusion9\wwwroot\. Both localhost/ and serve files from  this folder.


            My CF Administrator is still located at The \CFIDE folder is  under inetpub\wwwroot.


            So far, so good.


            ColdFusion  will serve CFM templates from c:\ColdFusion9\wwwroot\, but if I open  one of these files using Builder, it won't display under the browser  preview - it's simply white. I'm having difficulty understanding how to  create projects and to create or edit anything.


            I have prior experience, from back in the version 4 and 5 days. I loved Studio and Homesite, so I'm not totally unfamiliar.


            Now  that you've helped me get a server set up under Builder, I'm going to  go to some help I found in Ben Forta's blog on creating projects and  configuration.


            If anyone has any quick advice, I would  certainly appreciate. While I'd love to be able to switch among several  projects in different subfolders, I'll settle for just one at this  point.




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              Jack_Allred2 Level 1



              I finally got my site set up under inetpub/wwwroot. It took several uninstalls and reinstalls, then jiggering with connectors and servers, etc. I certainly hope someone has a book on the way for Coldfusion Builder that gives adequate discussion to the various parameters, settings and interactions. Some of us, including me, would spend time with a thorough manual attempting to solve our problems ourselves. For more knowledgeable users, this level of detail probably isn't necessary. For less-experienced users, however, its lack can be a nightmare.One of the seling points and one that I appreciated about CF 4.0 was that I didn't need very much knowledge about servers to become productive. I guess that's changed more recently.


              Thanks so much for your help.


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                Jack / Sagar / Anyone else who will benefit,

                If my understanding is correct, I saw that you previously had IIS 7 server installed. To have your browser preview page work with coldfusion builder, IIS must be told the bindings for this setup.


                Here is how to do this:
                Open IIS Manager, select your current default website, (If that is what your currently running on - otherwise select whichever website is your default currently), and click the bindings link on the right side under the 'Actions' interface area. At this point you should click the ADD button, enter as your IP address, and port 80 as your port number. For simplicity name it localhost and click OK. Close the Site bindings, then under the "Manage Web Site" heading click restart to make sure your new settings are in effect. Your browser preview page should now work with your IIS 7, and your /wwwroot/.


                I realize you found your answer though install / reinstall, I just wanted to add some steps to those who also have this issue, and hope they benefit.

                Hope this helps someone! =)