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    Folder Permissions

      I am encountering a connection issue. CS3 is balking at creating a folder in a directory to which it has permissions.

      Imagine a setup of /maindirectory and /maindirectory/divisiondirectory. I want to be able to allow a user to edit files in the divisiondirectory folder only.

      I originally set the user account as read-only on the maindirectory and full access on the division directory. CS3 would not allow me to connect to the site. The log indicated a problem in creating a test folder, not in the initial connection.

      [I should note, using this setup, I could use command-line ftp and access divisiondirectory fine with the user's credentials. I could create sub-folders, files, etc. in the divisiondirectory. This setup also passed without error the little FTP Server Check program the online docs suggest.]

      I made one modification -- I modified it so that the user had full access to maindirectory as well. CS3 then allowed me to connect and edit files. (Alas, the user can now also edit files in the maindirectory, which I definately do not want!)

      Is this problem by design (in other words, did the designers intended for it to act this way)?

      Input would be much appreciated. :o)