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    CS5 Mouse scroll up jumps full page


      I need some help. Just starting to use Flash but I've got this one issue that is just ruining everything for me.


      When drawing on the stage, any upward movement of my scroll wheel scrolls the screen by at least half a screen width, if not more. Scrolling down works as normal, equivilent to a few lines at a time.


      This problem seems to only exist in Adobe Flash. No issue in Chrome, Adobe Reader, Inkscape or any other program I've run. I've attempted to adjust the mouse settings, but they have no effect. Even disabling verticle scroll does not nothing.


      Currently I'm using a Microsoft Wireless Mouse 6000 with Windows 7.  I've tried using other mice and they've suffered the same fate. I've also tried updating the drivers as well as cleaning them out and reinstalling them. Nothing works. I've googled and searched these forums but have found nothing related to this.


      Suffice to say, its making using Flash impossible.

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          Majonty Level 1

          Well, I uninstalled and reinstalled everything. Still didn't help. I also downloaded the Adobe Illustrator trial to see if the issue was there to, but it wasn't.


          Whatever is happening, it seems to be limited to Adobe Flash CS5

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            I, too, am having this issue. I am also running CS5 on Windows 7. I checked with CS4 Flash and noticed the scroll jump there as well. I had a coworker check on his computer (also Win7) and he did not have the scrolling problem.


            Have you found the solution?


            I will keep checking for a fix and should I find one, I will update this thread.



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              Majonty Level 1

              Nope, haven't had any luck. I've honestly just resigned myself to the fact really. Although the fact that someone else actually has this problem is refreshing. At least I know Flash doesn't have a vendetta against only me


              I wonder if its hardware related. I'm using an Acer Aspire 5735Z if that helps anyone.

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                Having this issue as well. The only alternative that I'm using right now is to hold down the spacebar and use the hand to shift the page where I need.  Strange issue...

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                  VHenryArt Level 1

                  Yeah, I still haven't found a solution. I tried installing different software for the Microsoft wireless mouse I use, but that did not help. I have CS4 and CS5 installed and both have the problem.

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                    snippetsniffer Level 1

                    I found this article here:  http://superuser.com/questions/244093/wireless-mouse-behaving-improperly


                    I'm wondering how many of you have a wireless mouse from microsoft?  Apparently these mice use "High Definition Scrolling" and it seems to cause problems with Adobe products in general.  I notice that my mouse doesn't have any kind of tactile feedback when I rotate and I'm wondering if these kinds of mice have problems with adobe.  I'm running into similar problems when using the mouse wheel in my swfs as well.  I'm basically getting sporadic readings as to when the mouse is scrolling.


                    Adobe--- any official word on this?





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                      VHenryArt Level 1

                      I definitely think the problem stems from the mouse. When I use the microsoft wireless mouse I have the issue, but when I use the mouse that goes with my Wacom tablet I no longer have the scrolling jumps.


                      I have read that thread before. I also followed the advice of one of the responses and installed XMouse Button Control. This did not fix the scrolling issues however, there is a chance I am not using the XMouse settings properly.

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                        snippetsniffer Level 1

                        Works with my Wacom tablet as well.

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                          I FOUND A SOLUTION!!


                          After a few searches, this article gave a work around:  http://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/forum/windows_7-hardware/mouse-scroll-wheel-not -behaving-correctly/84204cc1-097b-440f-ad16-aa92b6795465?page=1


                          Here is the relevant post:


                          my apologies -- I honestly didn't realize this was a non-technical forum.  To execute the above workaround (assuming the "built in" drivers...aka the HID-compliant...are being used):

                          1. Start menu -> in search box, type "regedit" and hit Enter (click through UAC security prompts)

                          2. expand down through...

                               HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE -> SYSTEM -> CurrentControlSet -> Enum -> HID

                          3. click around (expand the tree nodes) until you find a node named something like 6&xxxx that, when clicked, has something like Mouse or msmouse.inf appear in the Data column

                          4. expand to the 'Device Parameters' child node (of 6&xxx....) and click on it...you should see something like "FlipFlopWheel' appear in the Name column

                          5. [menu] Edit -> New -> DWORD

                          6. type in 'VScrollHighResolutionDisable' (no quotes) as the name

                          7. double click on your new DWORD and set the value to '1' (no quotes)

                          8. reboot, cross fingers, and retry your programs (if the programs are keyboard based, cross legs...just make sure to cross something....)


                          Microsoft probably has disclaimer text around modifying the registry by hand, but they also have disclaimers around using pre-release operating systems so you're already in unsupported territory (just don't delete or rename anything and you'll be fine).



                          in the quoted post, it says to look for something named "6&xxx".   I didnt find anything named that, so looked through each folder/subfolder (from top to bottom) until i found the first one to have a value of "Mouse" (in the data column) and applied the changes, and rebooted computer.

                          Hope this helps.

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                            VHenryArt Level 1

                            Okay, so I found something that worked on my system. I feel that I probably should have noticed this earlier (oh well, better late than never).


                            First, I updated my microsoft wireless mouse (not sure if that step is actually necessary for the fix, but I am listing all the things I did). Then, I went to Control Panel > Mouse > Wheel (tab) and there, under the Vertical Scrolling section, is an option to "Identify programs that don't scroll correctly..." Click on that and choose the program/s giving you problems - in this case Flash - then click OK. Go and test it out.


                            It worked for me! Hope it helps you, too!



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                              Thanks, Henry.


                              This worked for me.  The latest version of the Microsoft Comfort Mouse 4500 drivers move the option "Identify programs that don't scroll correctly..." to the Microsoft Mouse and Keyboard Center.