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    TileList null Object

      Hi Everyone,

      have an interesting problem.

      I have a Tile list that has its own item renderer that displays an array collection of objects, In another state I have a data grid that displays the same array collection. I have created several combos and check boxes that execute a filter function on the array collection to limit the objects shown. This all works fantastically well, until after a certain time or combination, normally after going form none showing to some showing filter, the Tile list decides to add a null object to the start of the rendered list, rendering the custom renderer with null values, the data grid is unaffected, however, so it seems that the problem lies in the Tile List. As I said this doesn't happen all the time only some of the time. What even more curious is if I scroll down the tile list and scroll back up, the null object disappears.

      Any ideas?

      Thanks in advance,