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    Flex help


      I have a datagrid which I populate from a sql server table thru remote object. The datagrid is showing item,description,price etc..
      In the items column there are some 'combo' items whose components are not showing up in the grid. The components are in a separate table in sql server and the table is linked to this item table. (one to many) one combo can have multiple components. What I want to do , when the user click the 'combo' item in the datagrid I should be able to show the user the related components for this 'combo' in a small window or something.. Don't have any idea how I can do this..
      Please help. I am a newbee.. Thanks in advance..
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          ntsiii Level 3
          How much data is involved? I would have my server query the database and create xml nodes from the main table, then for each of those main nodes, query the database for the related items, and adding them as sub-nodes to the correct main node.

          Then, in flex, the selectedItem will contain all the information necessary to display the detail data however you choose.

          If the data quantity is very large, you will need to re-query the database when the user clicks a row in the dg. Have a result handler function populate the item detail component as necessary.

          USE RESULT HANDLER FUNCTIONS EVERYWHERE. Do not attempt this with binding.

          This is a bit complex, but not difficult.

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            SUNITAR Level 1
            Hi Tracy,

            Thanks so much for your reply. Yes the data could be large. Can you please give me some examples of the XML nodes you are talking about and also the result handler. I really appreciate your response.. Thanks..
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              Chris Ellem - Sydney Level 1
              Hi Sunitar

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