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      Hello and thanks for your time,
      I am hoping someone could run through everything that is needed to successfully use Flex Builder 2. I have been researching the Adobe site and I am interested in acquiring this program, but I am seeing a lot of documentation and articles regarding several other elements that are not quite clear to me. Flex SDK, Flex Charting, Flex Framework, etc. I guess I am just unclear as to what I actually need to purchase in order to begin using the program successfully. I don't want to buy one piece of the puzzle only to discover I need to also purchase something else. Thanks to anyone who may be able to clear this up for me.
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          I would grab the Flex Builder ver. 2/3 Trial 30 day version and take it for a test drive. Thats all you should need to get started (has Eclipse IDE) and if you decide to purchase, just enter the license code(s).

          Thanks and time to go Flex now....

          Matt :o)