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    [JS][CS3] Script deployment question

    book_designer Level 1

      Hi everyone,


      I am currently writing scripts in a corporate environment (~30 users), and I'm contemplating the easiest and most efficient way of deploying the scripts. We have a couple of scripts already with the users that are located locally on their machines. As time goes on we'll be writing more and more scripts and updating the existing ones as necessary.


      My current inclination is to stop saving the files locally on the individual machines and instead put a shortcut to a shared server folder in the scripts folder instead. In my testing it seems to work fine without any significant delay, and it automatically populates all of the files in linked folder. I basically want to be able to make sure that users are always launching the most up-to-date code and that any future scripts can be easily deployed without me walking around to everyone's desk (or worse, e-mailing instructions and hoping for the best).


      Are there any downsides/performance issues to this approach? It's a strictly desktop environment, so I don't have to worry about laptop users who are not connected to the network. Is there an alternate way that would be smoother?



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          Harbs. Level 6

          That'll probably work, but if you have network issues or the user is offline they won't be able to use the scripts.


          Something that might be worth looking into would be a shared folder using something like dropbox...


          This issue is actually something which I have on the roadmap for Script Bay...



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            Fred Goldman Level 3

            I work at a company a little smaller than yours 6-8 typesetters and I have been storing the script on the network and been using shortcuts in the scripts panel. It has worked very well and I have yet to run into a problem. It has been very convenient for me because it allows me to fix scripts and the user can immediately test the script without having replace the one in their scripts panel.

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              John Hawkinson Level 5

              We've tried it both ways. On our 12 InCopy machines (OSX), we have a symbolic link from /Applications/Adobe InCopy CS5/Scripts/Scripts Panel/ to a shared folder. This works great as long as our file server doesn't go down, and all sorts of other things would break horribly. And the User scripts folder is still available for any machine-specific customizations.


              For our 4 InDesign machines, we decided that was a little too much risk. So instead we have a script, copyScripts.jsx, that just copies scripts from the file server to the Application scripts folder. So everytime there is a change, we go around to those 4 machines and run copyScripts. This works OK.

              It's a little bit of a pain but it also insulates us a bit from bugs, and it means that whoever is using InDesign can decide to not update the scripts if they are in the middle of something critical. They can choose to defer taking the script updates.


              I think if we had to do it over, we probably wouldn't bother with the copyScripts mechanism. The centralized shared folder works pretty well. But it's not so annoying that we've gotten rid of it. And for 4 machines, it's not a huge burden.


              Also, there are some questions of development. If it's convenient to do development in the ESTK, having the shared folder means you cannot just rightclick in the Scripts panel and choose Edit Script. Or if you do, then any changes you save as you are developing the script are instantly available to everyone, potentially breaking their work if there are problems, or if there is debugging output ,etc., etc. So you need to make sure you do a development in a different place. Just something to keep in mind.