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    comments on first mini project.. :-)


      Hi all!.


      I have my first decent mini project done, based on something I was asked to show.

      I have gone all out, for the sake of completness and for what I would do in larger projects.  I'm aware something so basic does not need so much explanation, so just trying to use all the elements I wanted to use at this point.


      Anyway general thoughts would be appreciated for how this comes across in look and sound and anything else you come up with.

      Hate hearing im wrong, but whatever you guys have, i will reflect on and try to make positive changes to


      Cheers all,



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          paul2710 Level 1

          Congrats on your first mini project, works well.


          Only things I would 'slightly change are...


          Preloader - Try to create your own, the .fla files are in the Gallery folder.  I think its always much better having a logo of your company rather than the default Captivate .swf.  Also change the preloader percentage to be 50% or so, so it'll start quicker and then loading in the other screens in the background.


          On the intro/summary pages, perhaps they're a straight import from Powerpoint ?  I would split the text up so it appears one second after another.  To me its better than 'wham' and it all appears at once.  I prefer (And a lot of customers) for the text/graphics to build up.


          But it looks very good, I would copy the code and  change it to a 'try me' (So the user has to click the options) as that should impress your manager and give them ideas for future training or the possibilities ?

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            BennyRick Level 1

            Hi Paul.

            Thanks for your feedback. I will go and create a pre-loader, I have been a little lazy on that one, but your right :-)

            Yes it was a direct import from PowerPoint. I find for the slides, Powerpoint is so quick and simple to place, and looks professional, where as I dont like how Captivate does not offer the same smooth feel for creating slides, everything seems to feel like the long way round, compared to powerpoint, and I love using the office theme gallery on the net to grab things and put them in as needed.

            However that could be greatly biased, as I have not used Captivate to do projects as such, only for the capturing side of things.


            You make a good point about the "click me to try" option also.  In this case it is purely a small version, of what will become some day a large version, but it is a very good point, and I shall do this in my next one, as I have yet to use this option properly


            Cheers mate,



            The site is http://http://www.blcstudents.com.au/tutorials/wp/?page_id=35