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    Scrolling Text Steadily and Smoothly (Help!!)

      Dear All,

      I have a program that scroll text from right to left steadily, like incrementing 1 pixel a time, but I found that the text is blinking and even jumping while scrolling. Do anyone know how to solve it?

      I found this kind of scrolling text on TV is rather smooth, why my scrolling text will appear as blinking or jumping backwards and forwards while scrolling? Do anyone have any idea on it?

      I have tried to increase the framerate and put updatestage on every movement but also seems no use at all, please help!! Thanks in advance!

      Best Regards,

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          SiuLinda Level 1
          Thank you very much for your suggestion, it is really great!!

          However, it is too slow for the requirement, I have tried it out and found if I set it to run quickier, it doesn't look as smooth as it is in 0.25?

          Could anyone please have an idea on a faster like 1 pixel movement, a smooth one?

          Thank you very much!
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            Animation is movement over time. Animating a simple shape and having it
            move smoothly is fairly simple. The two variables that you have to work
            with are the frame rate, the number times a second that the screen
            changes, and the distance that you move the object. Adjusting these, the
            time and the distance, you should be able to achieve a smooth animation
            on a simple object easily.

            When you introduce text, things get a bit more complex. If you are using
            an actual text member, then Director is re-rendering all of the text
            each time that you move the text. This is much more work than just
            moving a circle across the screen. The more text to be animated, the
            more work the computer has to do. This can overpower the computer's
            ability to keep up with the animation. The result is the chaos that you

            To reduce the amount of work involved and increase the success of the
            animation, you can pre-render the text, or you can create a bitmap image
            of the text.

            Any graphics showing on a computer screen is much more complex than what
            you see on a television. TV images are all pre-rendered before they are
            broadcast. So what you see is a fixed amount of information for each
            frame. In your Director movie, you are changing the contents of the
            screen in real time using frame based animation and Lingo code to tell
            the computer what to display. Each frame may have wildly different
            amounts of information for the computer to control.
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              SiuLinda Level 1
              I have tried to convert the text cast member as image or pre-render image as well, but it doesn't seem much better.

              Could anyone please help?