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    Including parent and sibling TOC in all merged project sub-projects

    map map
      I have a HTMLHelp merged project (A) that has two sub-projects (B & C). When I open the main project help, the TOC correctly lists all of the books and pages in it as well as the two child projects and I can navigate among them and do searches among all of the pages in all three of the projects. If, on the other hand, an F1 calls a page in one of the sub-projects, the TOC just lists the books and pages in the sub-project...it does not realize that it is a child so there is no reference to the parent or the other sibling. (e.g. a call to a page in B shows the html help for the page, but the TOC contains no books or pages for A or C). Is there a way for all of the child projects to have the exact same TOC as the Master project even if they are called directly from my application? Alternatively, is there a different way that my developers should call the Help such that they go through the parent every time rather than directly to the respective child project?