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    Dynamic Slideshow Script Errors... UGH

      Following & modifying a tutorial from Lynda.com's Flash MX 2004 section, I am creating a dynamic slideshow that uses the MovieClipLoader to load images from an external folder. I have followed everything very carefully (I know that I have typed the given actionscript correctly), but it still doesn't work. Where the author uses the title 'Frames' in the script, I have replaced every instance of the word with 'Images' or 'image' where necessary. There are 10 images, starting with 'image0.jpg' and ending with 'image9.jpg'. They are supposed to load into a movie clip on the stage titled 'imagesMC'.

      Can someone take a look at my script and see any reason why it shouldn't function properly?

      When I publish this file, the first image shows up but it does not advance forward- the image just replaces itself. When I press the previous button, I get this error:

      Error opening URL "images/imageNaN.jpg" -I assume this references my loadImage function??

      Please help!!!
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          SymTsb Level 2
          MovieClipLoader was something new to Flash 8 Pro I believe. Are you using Flash MX 2004 to run code that doesn't exist? What errors if any are you getting? Are you testing locally and the files aren't loading or are you testing from a server?
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            marc-e Level 1
            I have tested locally and on my server, and it just doesn't work. The tutorial I followed is meant for MX 2004 so I know the whole thing should work properly.

            The forward and next buttons don't scroll through the images as they should, and when previewed through Flash, when the Previous button is clicked my Output window spits out the error I listed above:

            Error opening URL "images/imageNaN.jpg"

            I assume this means "not a number"... referencing my function that is supposed to load each image in the folder:
            _level0.myMCL.loadClip("images/image" + curImageNum + ".jpg", this.imagesMC);.

            I think you're right, though... walking away is a good idea. If only I didn't have a deadline!