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    Paths are set, JDBC done and nothing

    ironyx Level 1
      I have, with this forums help, gotten Weblogic to feed specified paths through to coldfusion, gotten a java object to display and then set up paths to Jasper Reports. Then, I couldn't get my Jasper Report to display. Then my server shut down every 15 min because I had the path defined in the wrong place in Weblogic. When I finally set that in a place that would both end up in the cf admin and not be the cause of a weblogic shutdown, I can no longer see my original little Java Object class I made.
      From cfdev_2's advise I tried to catch it with a cftry/cfcatch but have found... NOTHING. and now I get a form field to enter variables that I pass to the java object but then NOTHING... *sigh*

      So with no errors showing through, does anyone, anywhere have any siggestions?

      I thank you for any info, advice, jokes... that you may pass my way!
      Take care,