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    Disable "Save A Copy"?

    Tim Jee Level 1

      CanI disable "save a copy" in a distributed pdf form?


      I just don't want users to accidentally remove extended features in Adobe Reader i.e., when a user selects "Save A Copy" (after opening in their email) they get prompted with a warning that they will be removing extended features (saving rights), they never read it, fill in the form, then cannot save it!


      I'd like to disable it in both Acrobat Pro and Reader and set a password to be able to remove saving rights.


      I add instructions in bright red flashing letters in the email warning users NOT TO SAVE A COPY, but it adds another annoying step to my process, and one more potential point of failre for the data collection process . . .

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          Dave Merchant MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          "Save a Copy" is only available in Acrobat. Adobe Reader users can save extended PDF files after comments or form fields have been applied but can't turn off the extended rights by doing so.


          It's not possible to disable the Save a Copy menu item in Adobe Acrobat by use of any scripts or security settings within the PDF file.

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            Tim Jee Level 1

            Thanks - I feared so


            Our whole enterprise of tens of thousands of users has Acrobat Pro installed on desktops, laptops etc.


            Failure rate due to losing saving rights is only about 5% max with good instructions. That's not too bad given max limit of collected forms is 500 . . .

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              Bill@VT Level 7

              Do they really need to save the form? They can always be set to print, but the save is not needed to submit data. That simplifies the process and eliminates the 500 limit issue. When you get the data file, simply import it to the form (1 extra step - and in some cases it will actually open the form and fill it in).

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                Tim Jee Level 1

                I should have been clearer, but my understanding was that to submit using the "submit" button, users need to be using an email client. Our organisation has almost no users using an email client as we connect via webmail. This is why I need to tell users to complete and save the form and email ack to me as an attachment.


                Does this make sense?