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    Error Message when loading large amount of data  in Datagrid


      Am querying my database(mysql) and displaying my data in a DataGrid (Note that am using Flex 2.0)

      It works fine when the amount of data populating the grid is not much. But when I have large amount of data I get the following error message and the grid is not populated.

      ERROR 1
      faultString:'Didn't receive an acknowledge message'
      faultDetail: 'Was expecting mx.messaging.messages.AcknowledgeMessage, but receive Null'

      ERROR 2
      faultString:'Channel disconnected'
      faultDetail: 'Channel disconnected before and acknowledge was received'

      Note that my datagrid is populated when I run the query on my Server but does not works on my client pcs.

      Your help would br greatly appreciated here.

      Awaiting a reply.